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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly experienced security company that excels in providing a full range of security services, including: real-time surveillance, alarm systems, and security guard services. We take security seriously, and our services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. Please use the navigation to the right to learn more about the wide variety of services that we offer.

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Office Building

Offices are full of expensive items, such as computers, printers, and other office equipment, which makes them an easy target for would-be criminals. A traditional alarm system does little to deter robbers from breaking in and stealing these items. Our office protection service offered by Knight Protection, Inc. provides an unmatched level of security to keep your office safe.

This service includes the installation of our cutting edge security cameras equipped with two-way communication capabilities, as well as real-time video surveillance of a burglary as it happens. We will immediately contact the police to provide a description of the intruder, as well as information about the direction of travel if the person leaves the premise. Our experienced security technicians also have theOffice Building Interior ability to interact with the intruder using voice commands, which often deters a criminal from continuing his activity. locations; we have the ability to put our eyes and ears absolutely anywhere. Incidents unfold in real time and we promptly dispatch security or law enforcement personnel based on the situation, never missing a beat.

Knight Protection, Inc. will provide you and the police with the video evidence of any theft that takes place on your property. This comprehensive security service is incredibly affordable - in fact, it costs about the same as a traditional alarm service, but provides so many more advantages. As a subscriber to this service you will have access to the camera feed at all times, so you can check in on your employees and the state of your office whenever you would like.