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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly experienced security company that excels in providing a full range of security services, including: real-time surveillance, alarm systems, and security guard services. We take security seriously, and our services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. Please use the navigation to the right to learn more about the wide variety of services that we offer.

Virtual Escort

Virtual Patrol



Auto Mechanic

With all of the vehicle burglaries going on at automobile repair facilities. Management needs to hire a guard to stand watch just to protect the property, but who can afford a guard?

Knight Protection, Inc., has solved that problem for many auto related business. We have introduced a low cost highly effective service that gives owners and mangers true piece of mind when it comes to security.

When a customer brings their car to your shop, they trust that it will be safe while in your care. Unfortunately, you cannot be at your facility around the clock, which leaves vehicles parked outside your facility at a greater risk for vandalism or theft. Protect your business and your customers’ vehicles with a state of the art surveillance monitoring system from Knight Protection, Inc.Mechanics Shop

Unlike traditional alarm monitoring systems, Knight Protection, Inc. incorporates the latest in security technology with experienced security technicians to provide the best protection available.

With our virtual guard service you can choose to have real-time surveillance or event triggered surveillance. Both options include the use of our security cameras equipped with two-way audio capabilities, as well as the expertise of our remote security technician.

With real-time surveillance, your customers’ vehicles will be monitored at all time by one of our security technicians. If you prefer our event triggered service, you can rest assured that your property will be instantly monitored in the event one of our motion sensors is activated.