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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly experienced security company that excels in providing a full range of security services, including: real-time surveillance, alarm systems, and security guard services. We take security seriously, and our services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. Please use the navigation to the right to learn more about the wide variety of services that we offer.

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Plants & Factories

Skyrocketing prices for metals, most notably copper, have made what was once a minor nuisance
a major problem, costing over $1 billion per year according to the US Department of Energy.
Pipes, wires, cables, gutters, and flashing are actually being torn from buildings and machinery.

Thieves target copper wire in plant factories because of how easy it is to cut from open machines. 
Low-hanging heavy gauge wire can be cut in mere minutes using a battery operated saw, which often
leaves difficult to secure areas without power or communication lines.  Here are some of the locations
being affected and what’s being taken:

Rock & Gravel Mining Operations: Heavy gauge copper wires
Construction Sites: Copper plumbing, wiring, generators and materials
Vacant Buildings: Copper plumbing, wiring, air conditioners
Communications Towers: Copper busbars, wiring, cables
Electrical Sub-stations: Copper grounding bars, cables

In addition, the collateral damage caused by ripping pipes and wires out of walls far exceeds
the actual cost of the copper being stolen.
We’ve seen this result in downtime and unforeseen budgetary problems.  

Are your operations in danger of shutdowns or delays due to burglaries? 
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