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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly experienced security company that excels in providing a full range of security services, including: real-time surveillance, alarm systems, and security guard services. We take security seriously, and our services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. Please use the navigation to the right to learn more about the wide variety of services that we offer.

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Car Dealerships

Car dealerships often have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars of inventory on their lots, which makes them a prime target for criminals. Thieves are looking for rims, stereo systems, DVD players, navigation systems, air bags, and catalytic converters- items that are very costly for a dealership to replace.

Car Dealership

Hiring on-site security guards is extremely expensive, and there are many disadvantages to this type of service. Real-time security surveillance provides superior protection, and costs only a fraction of employing security guards. Knight Protection, Inc. offers comprehensive security monitoring that includes top of the line security cameras, as well as human intervention.

Our services are perfect for businesses, such as car dealerships, that keep expensive inventory in an outdoor area. We will assess the size of your lot, and then install our cameras to cover your entire property. During the over night hours, one of our dedicated security technicians will monitor the live video feeds to ensure that your property, and the vehicles stored on it, are safe. In the event that an intruder enters your lot, we will immediately contact the authorities.

While waiting for the police to arrive, our security technician will have the ability to speak to the intruder through the two-way audio communication system built into our security surveillance system, which has shown to be an excellent way to deter thieves. Our unmatched security services will save you thousands of dollars a year, while providing the peace of mind that your business is safe and protected.