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Frequently Asked Questions






Are un-monitored cameras as effective as real-time surveillance?

Footage from an unmonitored security camera can be used as evidence of a crime that has been committed, but these types of cameras do virtually nothing to prevent crimes from happening. Real-time surveillance provides an unparalleled level of protection that can’t be matched with un-monitored security cameras. Unlike un-monitored cameras, real-time surveillance includes the element of human interaction, which can be a very strong crime deterrent.

Are security guards worth the money?

A security guard is better than no security protection at all, but the realities of having a security guard often fall far short of the expectations that you may have. Simply put, a security guard may have the human element that is needed for effective security protection, but he is unable to efficiently monitor and protect a property.

Sadly, many agencies that provide security guards require high fees from their clients, but they do not offer their employees a good living-wage. This often results in the hiring of employees who are not experienced, or do not have the necessary skills to provide comprehensive security protection. So while you are led to believe that you are paying for the services of a high-quality security guard, you are actually vulnerable to sub-par protection.

Other downsides to hiring a security guard include:

Security guards can be unreliable. It is not unheard of for a guard to leave during a shift, fall asleep on the job, or neglect to complete assigned duties.

One person can only see and hear so much; a security guard will often fail to collect information that is crucial to the protection of your property. Security reports may be hard to read, incomplete, or not done at all.

When you hire a security guard, you give them access to your entire property. You can’t control who he may invite onto your property while he is on duty.

Are vehicle patrol programs effective at preventing crime?

Much like hiring a security guard, a vehicle patrol program usually does not provide the results that you would expect in regards to keeping your property safe. A vehicle patrol, also commonly known as a courtesy patrol, is a reactive form of security protection that does very little to prevent crimes from happening.

Security agencies have two choices: they can either charge a client a very large amount for a patrol guard, or they assign one patrol guard to several different clients. Most agencies choose the second option. This results in a patrol guard who is often overwhelmed with the task of patrolling four or five properties each shift.

This security model presents numerous problems, which makes it an ineffective choice for preventing crime or keeping a property safe. On average, a patrol guard is only able to visit a property four or five times during a shift. Due to time constraints, a patrol guard usually only spends five minutes patrolling a property during each visit. That equals 25 minutes or less of active security patrol in a 10-12 hour period- definitely not enough time to meet your security needs. A security patrol is more likely to discover that a crime has already taken place; a practiced criminal will simply wait to strike until after he sees a patrol guard leave the property.


How is Knight Protection, Inc.’s service the best around?

At Knight Protection, Inc. we pride ourselves on possessing integrity, as well as respect for our clients’ unique security needs. Our services will save you thousands of dollars each month, while providing you with exceptional security protection. We offer a combination of the latest technology along with human interaction, which deters criminals and keeps your property safe! When you work with Knight Protection, Inc. you will receive surveillance that is continually monitored by a security professional in one of our monitoring stations in Phoenix, Arizona or Turlock, California. We use state of the art cameras that include two-way communication abilities, and provide a clear feed in both black and white or color. We are confident that you will quickly realize that Knight Protection, Inc. is the best option when you need a security company to keep your property safe and secure!


Our Technology

Knight Protection, Inc. utilizes the latest technology in order to provide the very best in security protection. One of our security experts will be happy to recommend the cameras that will work best for your company. If you already have cameras on the premise there is no need to replace them- our video platform can easily integrate a variety of different camera models, so we can provide monitoring without any extra cost to you. Our cutting edge security protection does not come with a premium cost- our services are affordable, and will save you thousands of dollars over other traditional security protection methods. Please contact Knight Protection, Inc. today for a FREE comprehensive consultation!